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Communication Tips

We Care How You Hear

Have light on your face, not on hearing impaired’s face.

Do not hide your mouth while talking.

Whoever is closest to the TV or radio should automatically turn it down.

Use facial expressions.

Use gestures to help the communication process by swinging your hands around, but not so wildly that it is distracting.

When one does not hear as well, people assume that lip reading is easy and normal, it is very difficult to do successfully.

People also assume that a hearing aid is all one needs.  Hearing abilities vary so much that multiple communication aids must be relied upon, including lip-reading.  

Always speak clearly and naturally.  

Do not shout.

Do not over exaggerate.

Speak normally, not too fast.

Open your mouth.

Say each and every syllable.

A few tidbits;

Hearing instruments don’t work from the dresser drawer.

Hearing instruments can, and do, break.

Your hearing may change over time, and the shape of your ear will too.

Throw away used batteries. They do not spontaneously renew.

Don’t go poking in the holes of the hearing instrument.

Hearing instruments usually whistle when covered.

Hearing loss eliminates background noise. Generally, hearing instruments do not.

What’s good for your neighbor is not necessarily good for you.

Two ears are better than one.

Your voice will sound different to you.

If your family says you need them, you probably do.

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