Lorraine Phillips

Rantoul, Illinois

I live in Rantoul and enjoy the service and friendliness from Auditory Care Center. I have had two sets of hearing aids from them. I trust them and have received excellent care. They are compassionate and helpful to others in need. My friend had not heard well in years and said others could not help her, Auditory Care did and you should see the smile on her face. The best is they are right here in Rantoul.

Pauline Sarver


Very pleased with the care I get and really enjoying my new hearing aids.

Beth Kawski


Getting a hearing aid that fits an individual requires more than numbers on a computer screen. Ron takes the time needed to be sure the aids are servings the needs of each of his clients. Though aids are becoming better and better as new technology has been developed, they also have become expensive. Ron tries to find an aid that will balance good quality with cost effectiveness.. Many people who sell aids do not take the time to make sure they fit properly. After working with Ron for years I know I can trust him. In fact I come back from Oklahoma each year so I can work with Ron. He not only fits aids, but he fine tunes them.

Beckie Neal


If you find that you need hearing aids, I would highly recommend Auditory Care Center in Rantoul, IL. I have had hearing problems since I was 2 years old and finally accepted the fact that I was going to get hearing aids. A friend recommended Auditory Care Center so it was the first and only place I went. I was so impressed with the staff and value of the hearing aids. The thoroughly explained everything to me which helped me make a good choice for myself. I have only had my hearing aids for 7 months but I think it was was the best decision I have ever made. I am hearing things now that I have never heard before. I feel they are no different than glasses so don't let vanity get in your way. I will say that I have had a few issues with my hearing aids and they have worked with me every step of the way. I just have to call or stop in and they take care of the issue immediately. Even if you're not having issues, they see you every 3 months to see how things are going. I look forward to a long relationship with all the staff.