Our hearing instruments are designed to achieve just the right balance of enticing aesthetics, complete comfort and intuitive functionality, so they fit seamlessly into each patient’s life.

  • Aesthetics
  • Comfort
  • Intuitive Functionality

What kind of hearing aids are there?

There are three main hearing aid types that everything else falls within, they are as follows:

  • BTE Hearing Aids; These devices are worn with the hearing aid on top of and behind the ear. All of the parts are in the case at the back of the ear, and they are joined to the ear canal with a sound tube and a custom mould or tip.
  • ITE Hearing Aids: These are custom-made devices, all of the electronics sit in a device that fits in your ear, they come in many sizes including CIC (completely in Canal) and IIC (Invisible in Canal).
  • RIC Hearing Aids: These devices are similar in concept to BTE hearing aids, with the exception that the receiver (the speaker) has been removed from the case that sits at the back of the ear. It is fitted in your ear canal or ear and connected to the case of the hearing aid with a thin wire.

How much to hearing aids cost ?

Hearing aid prices typically range from $750-$2500 per unit. Double that if you need one for each ear!

But don’t worry, we have a range of cost-effective hearing solutions for you to try for FREE!

What is the Flex:trial ?

Buying hearing instruments is a big decision. Flex:trial lets you try the latest technology right now, 100% risk-free!

  1. Try it – If a simple hearing test determines that you’re a candidate for the Flex:trial program, you’ll leave your appointment with trial hearing aids tailored to your exact hearing needs.
  2. Wear It – Wearing hearing aids at work, while out playing or at home relaxing and discover the difference they can make. No matter where your life takes you, you can get a true sense of how hearing aids feel and work and how they will affect your everyday activities.
  3. Love it – At the end of the trial, you decide if you love them. If so, they are yours to purchase. If not, you can walk away and owe absolutely nothing. The decision is yours.

of patients consider a trial beneficial.*

of patients say an upgrade feature would make purchase decisions easier.*

say FLEX:TRIAL improves the experience.*


*Source: Anovum (2017) Unitron Launch Monitor